What is Redstone

Redstone provides incentives for the community to develop and host dApps, web services or games. It allows developers to crowdfund to develop new dApps & monetise their efforts. Whilst providing the mechanic for the end users to make micropayments providing access to the dApps and web services. The marketplace will enable the discovery of dApps and web services.

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Who's Redstone for?

Redstone is for independent full or part time developers looking to monetise their software development efforts. Operating a service node provides an income, whilst providing the underlying infrastructure & security for Redstone. Investors can earn a passive income for securing the underlying blockchain via proof of stake.

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Redstone plan to build a marketplace that enables people to discover and use community created dApps, web services & games. The marketplace will also provide various community functions, enabling developers to communicate directly with the community and crowdfund for new dApps. The community will be able to provide feedback enabling a simple reputation system for developers. Also, we are actively researching software development crowdsourcing via microtasks & micropayments.

Key Features

Some of the key features of the Redstone platform:

Decentralised & Distributed
Proof of Stake
Service Nodes
C# Smart Contracts
Side chains